Essays and Articles by Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Essays and Articles on ...
- Economic Issues
- Social Issues
- Faith
- Criticism
- Reflections
- Islamic Shariah
- Following Islam

Economic Issues

  • Islamic Economics - An Emphasis on Spending and Utilisation of Resources
  • Can Bank Lending be Islamically Fair?
  • Why Economics?
  • A Critical Look at the Alternatives to the Popular Models of Interest Free (IF) Banking
  • Why Islamic Ethics?
  • Riba al-Fadl
  • What is Riba?

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    Social Issues
  • Can Non-Muslims Be Made Friends?
  • Women's Rights: Two Extremes
  • Human Rights

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  • Belief in God
  • Is God an Intellectual Reality?
  • The Prophethood of Muhammad (sws)

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  • The Salman Rushdie Case: An Islamic View
  • A Letter to Hamas
  • Some Popular Misconceptions of the Muslims
  • Human Rights

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  • A Quarter of a Century Ago
  • Spreading Evil the Indirect Way
  • Condemnation of Concentration of Wealth
  • Benevolence
  • The All-Powerful Knowing Allah
  • Prevent Evil from Spreading
  • A Reminder
  • This Worldly Life: A Trial for Man
  • The Lonely Man
  • The Shallow Intellect of the West
  • The Final Day
  • A Believer's Day
  • Helping the Dear Ones
  • The Message of Death
  • The Call to Eternity
  • The Citizens of Paradise
  • Allahu Akbar
  • Ever Fallen Ill?
  • Spending in Allah's Way

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    Islamic Shariah
  • What is Islamic and What is Not?
  • The Question of Original Sources
  • Relationship of Divine Law with Human Intellect

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    Following Islam
  • Two Levels
  • The Quranic Law of Guidance
  • Religious Tolerance: The Islamic Perspective
  • Experiencing Jinn

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