Dr. Khalid Zaheer's Message


This site accommodates ideas on Islam that are correct to my knowledge. The only claim I can make to knowing Islam is that I have had a very special privilege of learning from some outstanding religious personalities. It is this understanding that I want to share with others through this site. The following have been the four strongest influences on me in my Islamic learning: Javed Ahmed Ghamidi Sahib, Mawlana Amin Ahsen Islahi, Mawlana Wahiduddinn Khan, and Dr. Israr Ahmed. However, none of them should be held responsible for any of opinions mentioned in the site. I should be the only one blamed for all mistakes in its contents. One of the important things I have learnt from my illustrious influences is that no one person or a group of people can claim to know the whole truth about Islam, after the last of the prophets, Muhammad, sallallahu alaihiwasallam, left this world. It is the Qur'an brought by him and the Sunnah which he has meticulously arranged to leave behind for the Muslim Ummah to follow, that forms the basic foundation of all Islamic learning. However, learning from these basic sources is an ongoing process and that's how it should remain for all students of Islam. The one who claims that he has learnt the final word about everything in religion is hopelessly ignorant. What you would find in this site is, therefore, the truth that I subscribe to now. It is open to correction. Feel free to ask questions and criticize the contents of this site if you think it's mentioning something unacceptable. May the Almighty show us the truth, the way it is and enable us to follow it and show us the untruth, the way it is and enable us to stay away from it. Allahumma Arinalhaqqa Haqqan Warzuqnattiba'ahu Wa Arina Batila Batilan Warzuqnajtinaba'ahu.


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