Khalid Zaheer
“I am convinced about the veracity of my opinions, but I do consider it likely that they may turn out to be incorrect. Likewise, I am convinced about the incorrectness of the views different from mine, but I do concede the possibility that they may turn out to be correct.” — Imam Shafa’i

Is it necessary to make God one's top priority ?

Professor Ahmad Rafique Akhtar is famous living Sufist of our times. During his lectures he is conveying the message that " IF you Want to Find God, then you have to make God Almighty your first priority of life-- since HE is So arrogant that , God doesn't like to be lesser priority " How do you see this philosophy of him in the light of Quran/Sunnah ?

I partly agree and partly disagree with the Professor.

I think in order to find God you just need to be serious in finding him. When you pursue your purpose seriously, you are not necessarily making him your first priority consciously; you are simply serious. However, as you proceed in pursuit of Him, you get closer to Him and He becomes the individual's top priority.

It's a Biblical concept that God is arrogant and jealous. Indeed there is a hadith and a Qur'anic verse (Mutakabbir) that says that God has a self belief that He is the greatest which indeed He is. That doesn't make Him arrogant in the sense we use it. When humans are arrogant, they are deceiving themselves; when God is arrogant, He is being realistic.

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