Khalid Zaheer
“I am convinced about the veracity of my opinions, but I do consider it likely that they may turn out to be incorrect. Likewise, I am convinced about the incorrectness of the views different from mine, but I do concede the possibility that they may turn out to be correct.” — Imam Shafa’i

Questions of an Ahamdi (3)

Thank you so much for replying to me so promptly. I wish you guys start having a honest dialogue with us.It's refreshing to see someone like you and Ghamdi Sahib, and also Bilal Qutub whom I can listen to as they talk in a decent manner and mostly with reason. This is another matter that where the topic of Imam Mehdi comes you guys just refute it. We Ahmadis are used to logical discussions with references and proofs, of course from Quran and then ahadith and the points of view of other scholars /Mujaddid.
I just can't stand the Maulvis who only lie and call others bad names. This is not like a true Muslim should behave.You must have seen the program on Mubashir Luqman's Point Blank which showed the true face of Mullahs of Pakistan today (can't call them ulema). So when I say anything I say this backed by references not emotions. This is how our jama'at is taught to behave: with knowledge and reason. Anyways, I saw your videos last night about our Qur'anic references about the coming of the prophet and of course you will interpret it your own way. So I guess you are aware of our literature and if you want references I will provide it to you;,just let me. has everything.

There is a program on MTA called Rah-e-Huda ,on Youtube they have their recordings. Our youtube channel is mtaonline 1, and our website is

In Rah-e-Huda this topic of khatam-un-nabeen is discussed in detail many times with references from Quran and Hadith.

Ghamdi Sahib was on a program in Aaj where he said that there are references from the previous scholars/Aulias about Imam Mehdi and that he could get a status of the prophet. He also said that you guys have declared a sect kafir who say exactly same thing what those previous ulema has said. Ghamdi Sahib of course like yourself doesn't believe in Imam Mehdi. I guess people today have more knowledge than our Aulias and Mujaddid about Imam Mehdis mention in the Holy Quran.

You and Ghamidi Sahib can phone in Rah-e-Huda as it's an open forum and if you can refute those scholars arguments, then I will be with you.

I know Ghamidi Sahib does not believe in Imam Mehdi and about wahee and ilhaam. I guess you think the same. I never said he believed in Imam Mehdi.

Zaheer Sahib in Quran it says that Allah sends his wahee to the bee . My question is that , does the Bee still gets that wahi from Allah ?. So if a bee can have a connection with Allah after Holy Prophet SAW then why can't his pious people have this connection. What about Hazrat Shah Wali Allah, do you have better understanding of Quran than he did?

It's very important to do some introspection. Refuting just for sake of it doesn't work . This is the point where i get confused because people like you talk so sensibly except on one particular topic. Saying that Mirza Gulam Ahmads AS name was not Ahmad is not a logical argument. Quran needs to be interpreted and you know this more than I do as you are a muslim scholar. Its like those maulvis were saying that if his is the Isa we are waiting for than why his fathers name was Gulam Murtaza and mother was Chirag Bibi.

This kind of arguments doesn't suit you not Ghamidi sahib who refuted khalafat issue like the way he did. Honest arguments are always welcome though and we ahmadis always love to do discussions but other side should be willing.
if you are interested call Rahe Huda or you can write to them ,it would be great if you or Ghamidi sahib come to our program and have a civil discussion.

I have talked to Christians about their religion and they find their faith convincing despite logical discussion. Fair enough. Within Muslims too, different sects have erected their respective walls of arguments. I don't blame them. Each has its own way of saying that they have libraries of arguments stored to defend their cases.

My issue is simple: An individual is accountable for his own understanding. I am interested in your understanding because you asked me questions. Thank you for sending me Rahe Huda's contacts. But I have no reason to contact them. I am in contact with you because of you. I mentioned to you a few arguments for which I wanted you to do introspection. Instead you are asking me to contact Rahe Huda. This sounds like any other religious group.

My issue is this: When I read the Qur'an, I find a clear understanding that no one is coming from God till the day of judgment in a way that believing in him is necessary. I am therefore waiting for neither Imam Mehdi nor Eesaa, alaihissalaam.

A bee also receives wahy but God hasn't asked me to believe in a certain bee because she received His wahy. If Mirza Sb and Shah Waliullah received wahy of the type a bee receives, I am happy for them; but it doesn't cause me to be worried an inch. I will be worried if that wahy was for me to believe in or I will be damned. If that is the claim with Mirza Sahib's wahy, please prove it from the Qur'an.

I accepted Mirza Nasir Sb's story because it was logical. If Mirza Sb was a prophet then one becomes a non-Muslim by rejecting him.

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